Mini-importation is a process of buying products from another country with the aim of selling them in a different country and selling it online. While e-commerce is using online platforms to sell physical products.

This model of business does not require much money to start. It is even advisable to start out with a little money and build then build the business gradually until you become a major importer.

The key is to buy products with low cost and high market demand in order to earn a decent profit. You can buy products that is very cool, that solves people’s problem and is not available in Nigeria to sell. It can be a normal big market in Nigeria that you find this cool products and you decided to buy and re-sell for a profit. It is not necessarily mean China.

Although go-to place for finding very cool and cheap products is China and you do not have to travel there to buy the products. What you need is just your phone and you can order for the products.

Action Steps:

 Go to aliexpress, pick products that are unique, that have mass market appeal and most importantly, solves a pain or major problem in the following categories listed below.

The following listed categories are the hottest niche and contain evergreen products that people buy any day and any time.

✅Beauty products

✅Health / Fitness products

✅Security gadgets

✅Cool gadgets (convenience items)

Some Of The Chinese Websites To Buy Cheap Products Are:

    3. (This is the best platform to buy cheaper products).

Agents that can help you transport it to Nigeria are:


✅NBC Logistics

After payment, they will help you source for the products and help you ship it to Nigeria.

How To Sell After Importing Or Buying Locally The Product

    1. Sell to your family and friends and followers on Facebook and Instagram.
    1. Use your WhatsApp status to display the product pictures and state how they can order for the product. (This is the cheapest way to start).
    1. You can also use other people WhatsApp status to advertise the products, people that you know have a lot of followers maybe a friend or family or WhatsApp influencers that have lots of followers for a fee. Use a beautiful flier and upload it and clearly state what to do in order to get the video training.
    1. Advertise your products on Facebook group or influencers that have your target audience. I am not saying you should spam the group by littering your products everywhere in the comment section. I mean you should pay the owner of the group to help you do an advert post on the group timeline. With this, people who are interested will contact you.
    1. Use Facebook and Instagram Advert: Most mini-importers use Facebook and Instagram advert to sell their products because it is the quickest way to sell faster without resistance and credit selling. With Facebook and Instagram adverts you can sell faster in less time, thus increasing your income.

Common Mistakes To Avoid In Your Mini-Importation and E-Commerce Journey

Buying Heavy Products: Don’t import heavy products if you are just starting out. You pay more for logistics which will cut into your profit margin.

    1. Not Buying Unique Products:Import products that are unique, have mass market appeal and most importantly, solves a pain or major problem for clients are more likely to sell than products that fail to meet all 3 factors.
    1. Buying Saturated Products: What I mean by “saturated products” is buying products that can be easily found on platforms like Jumia, Konga and other e-commerce platforms. This is a bad idea because clients will be comparing your price with the price of your competitors, thus reducing the profit margin of your products. Import unique products they cannot find around and have monopoly of the market.
    1. Buying Expensive Products:It goes without saying that more expensive products may have less profit margin and might be harder to sell, especially when you are just starting out. Instead look for inexpensive products to start your journey with and later you can venture into pricier products.
    1. Buying Inferior Products:It may seem smart at first but don’t fall for the temptation. When your products do not deliver value you will have high return rates and dissatisfied customers which will affect the sustainability of your business. Think long-term and offer value.
    1. Not Testing The Market First: Before you rush off to place your first order, test the market so you have an idea of what they want and how much they are willing to pay. You can start by running Facebook ads for the product you want to sell, if you get enough orders for it, then you can import it.

You can get the full details and elaborate full digital manual that explains everything in full and in simple and step by step terms of how to achieve this goal.


In Chapter 1, I explained in details how you can sell your knowledge as a professional and use free storefronts like selar or kobocourse or amazon to sell it continuously.

In Chapter 2, I explained in details how artisans like tailor, hair-dresser, soap makers, yogurt makers, chef, bricklayers, painters, interior decorators, barbers,  makeup artist, barber, painter, cake baker, photographer, carpenter, manicurist, welder, plumber, bead maker, chef, mechanic (car and generator), CCTV installer, solar power installer, soap maker, pastries maker, fitness coach, cake bakers, phone/laptop repairers and others can use their phone to start teaching people how to do any of this.

The reason is that many people wants to learn things but they are busy maybe with daily jobs or school so if you can provide this knowledge in downloadable video formats they will happily pay for it.

In Chapter 3, I explained how to rake N300k using your phone.

In this you don’t have to produced any digital product and you don’t need any experience to get started. All you need is your phone to get started.

I always recommend that everyone, even if you are a student as NYSC member or you have a job but you need a side hustle, you can start immediately start clearing in #300k immediately.

Even if are doing others, this is a must for you because it is the easiest and most profitable to start.

In this you will be selling other peoples product, people who are popular and well known. I will show you products that are selling very fast and how you can start selling it using just your phone and start smiling.

In Chapter 4, (my favorite) I explained how a student or NYSC members can teach people how to use softwares (very hot), where to learn these softwares for free and how to start selling that knowledge immediately.

In chapter 5, I explained how to start an e-commerce and mini-importation business using your laptop I explained how you can import or buy products in Nigeria and how you can sell it online.

Chapter 6 and 7, talked about how you can global platform to sell your knowledge and collect “oyinbo dolas”.

Whether you are selling your knowledge or you are offering a service, these platforms are available for you.

Chapter 8 and 9, is for NYSC members or student who are looking for online jobs. 

These two chapters explains how to get an online job at the comfort of your home in 2 weeks with a good “salari”.

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MONEY BANK GUARANTY: In case you are not satisfied with the e-book, you have 14 days money back guarantee. We will send your money bank to you immediately with letter of apology.


If you want to pay through bank transfer, send WhatsApp message to 09018926535, I will send you the bank details and after payment I will send you the link to download the e-book immediately without wasting time.

PAYMENT THROUGH CARD: You can use your card to pay using the orange link below.

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Mr. Fadipe, Biola is a digital marketer that has vast experience in Facebook advert and digital marketing.

He owns an e-commerce store online and sell digital products too using the internet. 

He teaches the strategies he uses in his online business  to others so as to benefit too.

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