Structure Your Business

What are the most common business structures or entities?The most common business structures are sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), and a few different types of corporations—the standard corporation (often called a C corporation or “C corp”), the small business corporation (often called an S corporation or “S corp”), and the benefit corporation (often […]


The ease that technology has offered us to do business anywhere, anytime and to anyone in the world is breath-taking. The internet revolution coupled with cheap smart phones, tablets and personal computers have changed how life and business activities are being conducted globally. Online marketing coupled with online payment has made business easy and more […]

Fit In Or Be Forgotten

The presence of technology and the forth industrial revolution is changing businesses and society in everyday life. The industrial revolution brought about development in areas such as transportation and electrification and mechanized agriculture that has redefine wealth and economic status. Countries and individuals who partook in this revolution lead others who were slow to partake […]