Dear Content Creator,

➡️➡️➡️ I know you are an expert, you are so knowledgeable about your industry that you created a course but the challenge is that you are not selling much.

➡️ You see people selling their e-books, online courses, webinars and others but you don’t know how they did it.

➡️ After producing your digital products, you have only sold 4 copies maybe only to family and friends but you wish you sell to more people.

➡️ Those that don’t even know what you knew are making a lot of sales more than you the expert.

➡️ You always imagine how the top digital marketers sell 1,000 copies in short period of time.

➡️ You wonder that how you spent lots of time and money to produce the products but no one is buying.

➡️ You have tried all your best but no result.

➡️ The truth is that all digital marketers have a secret of running their Facebook and Instagram advert for their digital products that make them sell a lot.

➡️ If you follow them online, they will only only tell you they sold 3,000 copies of their products but they won’t tell you how.

➡️ These people have the right set of information at their disposal that makes them sell out.

➡️The good news is that I can show you how they all did it

➡️ If you want to sell your content or increase your sales , Facebook is the best platform or you want to increase your sales and get lots buyers daily, Facebook Advertisement is the best platform you can use.

➡️ You can use Facebook  (the largest social media platform worldwide) which has about 30 million users in Nigeria to get more than 100 customers daily.  

➡️ Whether you are just starting your content creation business or you have been running your business for years, you can use Facebook to increase your sales everyday.

➡️  I have created a step by step video training that shows you how to use Facebook advertisement to get more customers daily and increase your sales even if you have no idea about Facebook Advertisement before.

➡️ It is an easy hold me by hand and well explained watch me do it video that explained how to create Facebook Advertisement which will convert to sell in a very simple and easy way for anyone to understand.

➡️You can download the videos immediately on your phone and start watching it instantly.


✅ How To Set Up Your Facebook Business Page.

✅ How To Create A Facebook Business Manager.

✅ How to Make Payment With Your Naira Card On Facebook. 

✅ How To Create a Virtual Card For Dollars Payment.

✅ How To Connect Your Instagram Account To Your Facebook Account.

✅ How To Target The Right Audience For Your Product.

✅ How To Target The Rich People In Order To Sell Your Products To Them.

✅ How To Run A Converting Facebook Advert.

✅ How To Create A Photo And Video For Your Facebook Advert.

✅ How To Write Advert Salescopy That Convert.

✅ How To Use Facebook Insights To Target The Right Audience.

✅ How To Create Facebook Advertisement For Your WhatsApp Training.

✅ How To Increase Your Facebook Advertisement Budget Successfully.

✅ How To Duplicate Your Facebook Advertisement Successfully.

✅ How To Install Pixel For Retargeting Advert.

✅ How To Setup a Retargeting Advert And Start Getting Customers Daily.

✅How To Setup A Lookalike Audience In Order To Sell More.

✅ How To Monitor Your Advert On Your Mobile Phone.

✅ How To Avoid Your Account Being Banned By Facebook.

✅ {FREE} Facebook Advert Checklist (N5,000 worth).

✅ {FREE} More than 100 precise and sure targeting options (N5,000 worth).

This watch-me-do-it video training will hold you by hand and explain everything to you in details. It is a step-by-step watch me create a Facebook Advert  which makes it very easy to apply immediately, even if you do not have any computer knowledge.

The video will show your product to millions of hungry buyers. 

BONUS 1: How to place your books on Amazon in order to sell to international markets.

BONUS 2: How to use E-mail marketing to sell more of your digital products.



🎯TODAY’S PRICE: N2,000 (For A Limited Time Only).

These videos training comes with 14-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE which means after watching it, and you are not satisfied with the content, you call me on 09018926535, and get a refund immediately with no story.

I Want To Pay Through Bank Transfer

To pay through bank transfer, send WhatsApp message to 09018926535, I will send you my bank details and after confirmation I will send you the link to download the videos immediately without wasting time.



Mr. Fadipe, Biola is a digital marketer that has vast experience in Facebook advert and digital marketing.

He owns an e-commerce store online and sell digital products too using the internet. 

He teaches the strategies he uses in his online business  to others so as to benefit too.

You can reach him on WhatsApp at 09018926535.

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