[FREE E-BOOK] Six Sure Internet Businesses You Can Start Immediately


[FREE E-BOOK] Six Sure Internet Businesses You Can Start Immediately

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This model of business does not require much money to start. It is even advisable to start out with a little money and build then build the business gradually until you become a major importer.

The key is to buy products with low cost and high market demand in order to earn a decent profit. The go-to place for finding such products is China and you do not have to travel there to buy the products.

What you need is a device that can connect you to the internet and the right knowledge. Such as knowledge of where to find products people will likely pay you for.

Some Of The Chinese Websites To Buy Cheap Products Are:

1. Alibaba

2. Aliexpress

3. JD

4. 1688 (items on 1688 is cheaper than others).

When determining the product to sell you must ensure that there is a high demand for the product and the product is solving a major problem for your target customers. If your products don’t meet these criteria it is unlikely that your clients will prioritize your products or buy them.

Hot Products That Are Constantly In High Demand Include:

  1. Beauty products
  2. Health products
  3. Fitness products
  4. Security gadgets
  5. Cool gadgets (convenience items)

Once you have decided on which item(s) you want to import the next step is to know how to buy and ship the products from China to your home or office where you are. To do this, you will need an agent in China. Agents like Chrisvicmall will charge you a fee for the service and make the purchase on your behalf directly from the company. They will also handle the logistics for sending it to a central location like Lagos, Nigeria, from which you can retrieve the products.

Finally, it is important that you know how to sell your products in order for you to make good profits monthly. The flip side of not knowing how to sell effectively is that you can lose your money.

Common Mistakes To Avoid In Your Mini-Importation and E-Commerce Journey

  1. Buying Heavy Products: Don’t import heavy products if you are just starting out. You pay more for logistics which will cut into your profit margin.
  2. Not Buying Unique Products: Import products that are unique, have mass market appeal and most importantly, solves a pain or major problem for clients are more likely to sell than products that fail to meet all 3 factors.
  3. Buying Saturated Products: What I mean by “saturated products” is buying products that can be easily found on platforms like Jumia, Konga and other e-commerce platforms. This is a bad idea because clients will be comparing your price with the price of your competitors, thus reducing the profit margin of your products. Import unique products they cannot find around and have monopoly of the market.
  4. Buying Expensive Products: It goes without saying that more expensive products may have less profit margin and might be harder to sell, especially when you are just starting out. Instead look for inexpensive products to start your journey with and later you can venture into pricier products.
  5. Buying Inferior Products: It may seem smart at first but don’t fall for the temptation. When your products do not deliver value you will have high return rates and dissatisfied customers which will affect the sustainability of your business. Think long-term and offer value.
  6. Not Testing The Market First: Before you rush off to place your first order, test the market so you have an idea of what they want and how much they are willing to pay. You can start by running Facebook ads for the product you want to sell, if you get enough orders for it, then you can import it.

How To Sell After Importing The Product

1.Sell to your friends and family.

2.Sell to your fans and followers on Facebook and Instagram.

3.Advertise your products on Facebook group that have your target audience. I am not saying you should spam the group by littering your products everywhere in the comment section.

I mean you should pay the owner of the group to help you do an advert post on the group timeline. With this, people who are interested will contact you.

4.Using Facebook and Instagram Advert: This is the best way to sell quickly and faster. This is the one all importers use to make turnover of millions per month. With Facebook and Instagram adverts you can sell faster in less time, thus increasing your income.


  1. You noticed there is a market for skin tag remover.

2. You go to aliexpress or 1688 and buy it.

3. You use agent to import it.

4. You run a Facebook/Instagram advert for it.

5. You use local logistic to send it to them.

6. You import more and sell more and smile more to the bank.

To get the FREE copy of the  e-book “Six Internet Businesses You Can Start Now”, input your name and e-mail address below and click on download and it will be sent to your inbox where you’ll have it for life.

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