The ease that technology has offered us to do business anywhere, anytime and to anyone in the world is breath-taking.

The internet revolution coupled with cheap smart phones, tablets and personal computers have changed how life and business activities are being conducted globally. Online marketing coupled with online payment has made business easy and more global.

Recent statistics told us that 5 billion people around the world have access to the internet.

The Internet is converging the world and

giving every individual the opportunity to compete globally with just your smartphone and internet connection.

It is giving every individual great power that can threaten large conglomerate.

We are now in an age where you don’t need huge capital to start or run a business that will reach the

whole world. With your smartphone connected to the internet you can reach anyone across the earth to sell your products or services and receive your money locally without necessarily having to leave the comfort of your home.

It will be a disservice for you not to participate in this new revolution.

From Faddy,

Facebook Page: @theglitalcrest